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Gabbai Michael Melnick
Patty and I began hosting a weekly Torah discussion group nearly 20 years ago. My love and appreciation for Torah as a spiritual path has grown and deepened with each yearly cycle. The sacredness of text is reflected in its endless levels of meaning, and its ability to expand our awareness, and open our hearts if we truly engage it. As part of my study of the text, I have also devoted much time and energy over this period to deepening my knowledge of the Hebrew language as a continuing student at the American Jewish University. Most of my preparation for Torah discussion is focused in Chasidic commentary . Each of us is carrying a unique Torah based on our own life experiences. The best Torah classes occur when the text of the tradition enables us to discover and nurture the wisdom gained form our own life experiences. It is also important that to study together. Everyone in sacred community has important and unique Torah to share, and therefore it takes a community to unlock the hidden meanings in the text. I hope to see you at the next class. Mike Melnick, Gabbai & Ritual Chair (818) 313-6393 mike@melnick.com